Ein Versuch

Boah, wenn es nicht nur 140 Twitter-Zeichen sein sollen, gibt es bei Passenger nur die Variante, öffentlich auf seiner fb-Seite zu posten. Nun denn. Das muss sein, ich will das so, vor allem, ihn mal zu treffen, den Mike Rosenberg.

Ich bin gespannt, was passiert. Die gewonnenen Tickets sind übrigens noch nicht eingetroffen. 

Dear Mike,

Congrats to you big sucess of the new lovely Album. 

I’ve got Tickets for Cologne, Frankfurt and London! I take everything, I can. 😉 And guess what: I also won two extra tickets for Frankfurt on the radio Station hr1. If you have the possibility to meet Werner Reinke, Music Journalist, one of the dinasaurs in music here in the area, don’t miss him. He knows almost everything about music!

I wanted to change the won Tickets for a meet & Greet with him, but I guess that didn’t worked out. Although I told them I of course wanted to ask for a meet & Greet with you and bringing my guitar with me, so you can sign it. (Didn’t work either.)Your Mate Luke already did! We had a lovely concert night in Cologne in August. The second sign is from A.J. Croce, who’s father is big Jim Croce.

I attended last year’s concerts  in Bonn and Schwetzingen, hottest places in Germany 😉 do you remember? And bevor in Frankfurt and this year I was in Cologne on your busking – there Stu made my day appearing out of the blue.

You see, I know you quite a long time. And to me  its hightime that we meet bevor you will be the brightest Star on the music hemisphere and meeting will be impossible. I guess its short before that 😉

Save travels, many many sparkling moments on your tour and in your entire live and lots of love to you, your band and the crew.


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